5G METEORS Call2 - Topic 1 - Open call for small activities


The 5G communication standards that are currently being developed in 3GPP will also include satellite communications (a.k.a. Non Terrestrial Networks, NTN) as an integrated part of the 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) and Core Network (CN).

Scope, objective and eligibility

The 5G METEOR activity – as part of the ESA MakerSpace activities series – has so far focused on a number topics that would lead to the implementation of essential features such as the implementation of a 5G New Radio (NR) NTN RAN protocol stack.

It is believed that there are interesting technical concepts and innovations floating around within industry and/or academia that could contribute to the further development of satellite communications and 5G.

This open call invites companies/academia to propose such ideas for implementation at prototype level.

As a minimum, proposed activities:

  • shall contribute to the further development or integration of 5G and satellite communications;
  • shall consist of prototype development activities, showing the technical feasibility of a concept or innovation.

Activities with the following scope are deemed eligible:

  • activities that show integration of satellite in the 5G RAN or 5G Core Network;
  • activities that contribute to hardware developments or tests which are required supporting future 5G NR NTN experimentation. (E.g. a test or modification of a specific Software Defined Radio to implement a specific Open Air Interface demonstration);
  • implementation activities to prototype standards as being discussed in ORAN, TIP or other fora, if addressing the satellite specific parts. (E.g. a satellite-specific feature within an open-source open front haul implementation);
  • activities that address a specific protocol layer feature (from RF to application layer) that is specific to satellite and 5G. (E.g. a specific antenna prototype allowing simultaneous 3.4-3.8 GHz 5G and satellite communications).

Proposal requirements

Proposals shall consist of:

  • a description of the proposed technical concept elaborating on the innovation and/or novelty (and justifying the benefit to satellite communications) – maximum 5 pages;
  • a plan describing how to achieve the proposed technical concept – maximum 5 pages;
  • a price justification – 1 page;
  • a short description of the proponent and its background – 2 pages.

Deliverables and Output

  • Implementation plan;
  • Prototype as proposed;
  • Technical note on findings

Duration and schedule (mid term milestone and review, if applicable)

The duration of the activity shall not exceed 6 months, with one intermediate review.

Maximum budget available for the activity

The budget of this activity shall not exceed 10000 €.

Proposal Submission

Submit your proposal to this topic here.